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My Good friend Natalie

  My journey thus far

   When I look back I see a very "Skinny" person. I grew up the skinny girl who was really obsessed with ballet. My ballet teacher looked down on us if we were too chubby. I danced almost 24/7. I got comfortable in my skinny body and maybe borderline unhealthy. I got used to eating whatever I wanted and had no health worries. After having kids I went totally downhill. I never worked out and I ate horrible. After my third child It really started to show. Once I realized I needed to do something I was too self conscious to go to a gym. I know you don't see a fat girl, but boy I sure did after living in such a skinny body my whole life.  I tried to blame the three babies I had, thyroid, being an army wife, and many other excuses. This battle was bigger than just food! It was something deep inside that the Lord had to fix. I craved food and drink more than time with the Lord. Instead of food filling me up God needed to. Once I read "Made to Crave" everything changed. Not that it is perfect, but healthy mindset is what helped me along this journey of my love of food and fitness.
   Crossfit saved me. It taught me to be mentally strong. I learned that being strong is way more important than being "Skinny". I even learned how to eat to perform. Every challenge that is thrown my way only makes me stronger.
   The odd thing about these pictures is that I went from being the old chubby me at 162, to weighing  154 now, which is only a 8 pound difference. The BIG difference is that I am gaining muscle in exchange for fat. My body composition has change so much thanks to crossfit.
   The journey for me never ends. I still struggle with my unhealthy thoughts about food and obsessing sometimes about how my body looks or how often I work out. I am still working on being confident in who I am. I have to remind myself daily to eat healthy so my body can be the best body God gave me. Once I spend time back in the word or praise and worship, Gods grace does the rest for me.
Senior Year

Married 2002

Baby Number 3 , this was in 2007

   Military Ball 2009, at 160lbs.

 Rededicated my life
to the Lord 2011 with my crossfit sisters praying over me.

Started Crossfit Aug. 15th 2010
The look on my face is perfect! I am starting crossfit and was probably thinking, " what am I getting into".

Finally I found out what 12 weeks of comittment can do for you!!!
May 2011
Me on the far Left (green), and my crossfit coach and inspiration Nicole in green on the right.

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