Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Discipline Challenge Week 3 Done

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Discipline Challenge Week 3 Done

Week 2 
Week 3

This week was very hard. Not a big difference can be seen, but I know I have to keep it up. I seem to be unmotivated this week. My nutrition has been great though. My cardio went way down though. I only lost 1 pound and it really starts to frustrate me. I hurt my ankle, which is just one more thing to add to my injury list. I am the most clumsy person out there. I know if I give up now though nothing will get accomplished and I will fall back into old habits.
The best thing I learned this week is that I need to have what I am craving or I will go crazy. Not talking about McDonald's or anything, but if I want popcorn then I need to have a little. I nibble of something I want is not going to kill me, only make me stronger. I am not the sort of person that can go full out on a meal plan. If I feel deprived, I will go crazy and binge eat. My goal is different this time. I want to be healthy and strong and be disciplined enough to control my portions and not binge. 
This week we watched two documentaries. "Forks Over Knives" and "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" . Both of these were very eye opening. Now you must take bits and pieces from each of these movies. Yes, it is important to do your own research and look for informative resources before deciding weather to add new habits or life changing decisions to your diet. My husband and I both agree, vegetables are vitally important to our health, especially juicing them. Meat needs to be limited and processed foods need to be very very limited. We are slowly incorporating more vegetarian meals to better our health. My Grandfather just recently died of cancer and my husbands Grandfather also has a form of cancer. So we take this very seriously. Our goal is to let our bodies be ALL God wanted them to be to help us live to our full potential. He never wanted life to be full of prescriptions and life threatening disease, and our bodies have the tools they need to fight and live the way God designed it to.

Dinner you must try. It was so good!
Vegetarian Cauliflower Nuggets and Carrot Coconut Soup

This is where you can find the recipes

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  1. I'm glad you liked the cauliflower nuggets!!! I loved them too!!!!